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Sharon Drury – Composer & Pianist

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Piano By The River - Meditation Piano Music by Sharon Drury

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Relaxing Piano Music

Specializing in meditative piano music, Sharon’s music is very soothing to the soul and will take you to another place of peace and tranquility. Her music is used by massage therapists, reiki, yoga instructors, and by music therapists, or simply to help children and adults alike to fall asleep.
Teachers have played the music for their students during tests and study with wonderful results…. their students actually request the music. Sharon’s albums are also wonderful for mental and physical disorders, as the music seems to calm and reestablish mental functions to a more normal state.
Simply using her music for background when entertaining, or while reading, or just plain relaxation.

Sharon’s composes or arranges, produces, and performs all of the music. Most of the music features piano. Some will include strings, cello, violin, or orchestral arrangements, however you will find that all tracks are equally relaxing. If you want to relax try Sharon’s music.

Relaxing Meditative Piano music for those who love George Winston, Yanni, Enya, David Lanz, & Vangelis Albums

Relaxing meditative piano music for massage, meditation, study, sleeping, background music, yoga, reiki, spa, stress relief.

Albums are available as a digital download or physical CDs

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Available as a digital download and physical CD
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