Sharon Drury

Composer and Pianist of Meditative Music for the Spa, Yoga, Sleeping, Study, Relaxation

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Piano By The River - Meditation Piano Music Album

Piano By The River

RELEASE DATE : 7/1/2016
Genre: New Age
Subgenre: Mood Music

Piano music for relaxation, massage, reiki, yoga, sleeping, Original piano music by Sharon Drury.


A Message of Love

01. A Mother’s Love

Another World relaxing piano music album

Another World

RELEASE DATE : 11/20/2015
Genre : New Age
Subgenre : Meditative

Original Relaxing Piano and relaxing Instrumental Music, composed, produced, and performed by Sharon Drury.   Her music is used by massage therapists, reiki, yoga instructors, and by music therapists, or simply to help children and adults alike to fall asleep.


The Lullaby Album Sleeping cover art

The Lullaby Album

RELEASE DATE : 11/15/2013
Genre: Classical
Subgenre: Meditation

The Lullaby Album is sleeping music for adults and babies.
Original and classical lullabies. Very soothing piano music.


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